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rebuilding motorcycle shocksRebuild shocks or forks

Suspension fluid becomes contaminated over time. Overheating and internal component wear creates a dirty fluid that clogs oil pathways and valving stacks. In addition, the contaminated fluid promotes premature breakdown of bushings and seals causing "blowby" and seal leakage.

Suspension rebuild consists of:

  • Dissasembly
  • Cleaning and Inspection of Components
  • Replacement of worn parts
  • Reassembly
  • N2 Recharge (shocks)

Fork Prices

  • Inverted Street: $115.00
  • Conventional Street: $95.00
  • Motocross: $95.00

Shock Prices

  • Street: $95.00
  • Motocross: $95.00

Prices include labor only. Parts and fluids are additional

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